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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Karate?
Basically, Karate is a means of self defense using the hands, elbows and feet as striking weapons. Modern Karate has also developed into an exciting sport with British, European and World Championships and is also recognised by the International Olympic Committee.  
Can Karate be practiced at any age?
Karate can be practiced by all age groups - from the very young to Senior Citizens. Most Shotokan Karate Clubs accept students of any age from 7 years old upwards. 

What special benefits are there for children?

Karate is excellent for children. Its disciplined training methods develop concentration and co-ordination and many parents and teachers comment on the improvement of children's behaviour through the practice of Karate. 
Being very physical, Karate is also extremely beneficial in the development of a healthy body and mind. 
Many schools now accept Karate as a subject for both GCSE and A level in Physical Education.

Who will be teaching me? 
Your instructor is 
Sensei Keith Burns a qualified 5th Dan Black Belt who attends specialised courses in order to improve his skills. Standards are maintained by a technical committee consisting of some of the most senior Karate masters in the country.


 How long will it take to achieve my Black Belt?

There are nine grades to pass with intervals of 3 to 4 months between each grading. 
Therefore, with dedicated training, it will take approximately three to three and a half years to achieve Black Belt.
What do you need?
Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn! We will do the rest. Some loose clothing is required for your first few lessons then you can be measured and fitted with your first Gi (Karate suit)  


 What can you expect?  

The first few classes might feel a bit strange as you are introduced to new skills and some Japanese terminology! After wards you may experience a little stiffness in your muscles as you would with any new exercise routine. Within a few short weeks you should notice an increase in your level of fitness balance and coordination! By this time you will be starting to understand why Karate has so much to offer and hopefully get "the bug" like so many of us who have gained so much from Karate for many years! 


What is expected of you? 

 Simply that you try hard and train regularly with a strong and positive attitude! 


what do you do now?

Come along and watch a class. This gives you a feel for the structure of a lesson and helps acclimatise you to the correct etiquette. Initially  Children should be accompanied by at least one of their parents/guardians for the first class,  as we feel it is important for them to see first hand what is involved. 

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