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Sensei Trish Bruce 5th Dan Profile

Sensei Trish started training at Ashington SKC in 1992 with instructors Sensei Ian Willis, Sensei Keith Burns and Sensei Jill Kelly after watching her  children doing Karate she was encouraged to start by Sensei Jill Kelly, who has been a continuous influence and support since she started training. Sensei Trish achieved her 1st Dan in October 1994 and is presently 5th Dan


Sensei Trish has trained with many instructors throughout the country and her  most memorable was training and grading with the late Sensei Enoeda.

Her proudest moments were when her daughter  Tracy won the National Championships, and also when her son  John James  phoned to tell her he had won the World Championships under 21 Kumite,  Sensei John James Bruce has continued this success with many regional, national and international titles and is now the chief Instructor at  Sendai Kushiro Karate Club.


Karate for Sensei Trish is a continuous challenge with many rewards and one of her main personal highlights was passing my 5th Dan. As an instructor she is very passionate about supporting all students to believe in their individual abilities and realising their potential.

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