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Traditional Shotokan Karate 
Kaizen Karate Club

School Of Excellence Training 


In preperation for competitions and gradings and Dan gradings, we will be running classes specifically geared towards these events.


Kumite Training

These classes will be based on preparing students who are wishing to compete.

Kata Training

Each class will work on one heian kata and one black belt kata 


Cost per class

£4 Child 

£5 Adult


Additional training for Competitions and Gradings is open to ALL grades and ages.


Venue : Oasis Health Club Asington 


Time :10:30- 12:00

Sun-4-Feb-18      Kumite

Sun-08-Apr-18     Kata

Sun-27-May-18    Kumite

Sun-24 -Jun-18     Kata & Kumite  

Sun-29-Jul-18       Kata

Sun-30-Sep-18     Kata & Kumite

Sun-11-Nov-18     Kata & Kumite









 Please make sure you bring your  mitts and gumshields to all Kumite classes. 

Practice until you get tired....then practice some more.

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