4th Sunderland Sendai Karate Championships

This year's  Championships were held on 23rd June at  City Space University of Sunderland,

This is local competition  which has only been running for 4 years, it 's very popular and the number of competitors has increased year on year. It is an ideal opportunity  for new students to gain experience  for  competing in larger  KUGB events. 


Well done to all the  members of Killingworth Kaizen karate club who competed at the Championships. Everyone gave a fantastic performance and were a credit to the club.

Great results for our first major competition.

Lewis keen, Sarah Appleby & Jamie Millen – joint 3rd Team Kumite

Lewis Keen 4th   - Novice – 4th Kyu Individual Kata


There  was also Great spirit & performances from Harry Peacock, Grace Macauley, Owen and Libby Rendall Who competed in individual Kata, Kumite and team events

Students From Killingworth Kaizen Karate Club

Competition Results 


Kata results 



Children’s Novice – 4th Kyu Kata
1st Jay Scott
2nd Charlie Oxtoby 
3rd Henry Winterman
4th Lewis Keen

Children’s Brown Belt Kata
1st Louie Cummings
2nd Bronya Burnikell
3rd Cenya Russell
4th Tendai Cleugh

Children’s Black Belt Kata
1st Maya Burns
2nd Matthew Gibson
3rd Rosa Kerr
4th Gemma Gibson

Mixed Kata 16yrs +
1st Sam Light
2nd Chris Hamilton
3rd Madeline Wood
4th Martin Fraser

Team Kata
1st Sendai Kushiro A
2nd Sendai Kushiro B
3rd Ashington NKA A
4th Ashington NKA B


Kumite Results

Girls Kumite 10yrs and Under
1st Carly Pringle
2nd Nayanna Howard
3rd Francis Fisher
3rd Christine Burke

Boys Kumite 10yrs and Under
1st Oliver Lines
2nd Ethan Brown
3rd Simeran Kandola
3rd Sam Blundell

Boys Kumite 11-14yrs Under 5ft
1st Liam Hampton
2nd Matthew Gibson
3rd Ethan King
3rd Aaron Barrow

Boys Kumite 11-14yrs Over 5ft
1st Brett Billingham
2nd Thomas Crowther
3rd James Humphries
3rd Ross Billingham

Girls Kumite 11-15yrs
1st Maya Burns
2nd Gemma Gibson
3rd Niamh Duddridge
3rd Sammi King

Ladies Kumite 
1st Madeline Wood
2nd Laura Brice
3rd Rachel Allinson
3rd Liz Wier

15-17yrs Male Kumite
1st Ethan Armstrong
2nd Ryan Spencer
3rd Fraser Grice
3rd Jason Crowther

Senior Male Kumite 18yrs+
1st Martin Fraser
2nd Solomon Egwu
3rd Mike Jones
3rd Chris Hamilton 

Children’s Team Kumite
1st Shinko
2nd Sendai Kushiro A
3rd Killingworth Kaizen
3rd York Elite

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