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All grades open Karate course

Sunday 30th April 2017

Killingworth Kaizen Karate Club


Kaizen Karate Club was proud to host its 7th All grades Karate course  with renowned Kata and Kumite champions,

Sensei John James Bruce 5th Dan and Sensei Holly Sterling 4th Dan.


 Sensei John and Sensei Holly have an incredible talent & knowledge in both Kata and Kumite and this was a

source of great inspiration for all the students during the two sessions. 

We're looking forward to having both instructors back teaching at our club later in the year  

























Also many thanks to all my students from Kaizen Karate Club and the following clubs who helped support this event,  

Sendai Kushiro Karate Club, Sonkei Karate Club, Newcastle Sendai, NKA and  Ronin.


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