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***⚠️‼️  IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT  Coronavirus  ‼️⚠️ ***

ALL events are Cancelled  until further notice 


Questions and Answers

How will it work?

Your living room becomes your dojo! Push the chairs back and get training!

You’ll be joining through your smartphone, laptop or tablet and as well as the instructor being on video, so will you! 

The bigger the screen, the better. If you’ve got the technology in your household it’s possible to ‘cast’ your phone screen to your telly, which we’ve trialled and it works a treat. Mirror your phone to your telly and then join the training session.

Classes will be through app called Zoom.  Once you’ve got a Zoom account, just click ‘Join’, enter the meeting number and password (when required) and you’ll enter the dojo!

Just like a normal class, follow instructions of what to do in that session

because you’ll be on camera too you can receive feedback or ask questions if you’re not sure how to do something. 

What will I need to take part?

You’ll need an internet connection, a phone, tablet or laptop with a camera and to clear a bit of space in your living room or any other space you have available.  You won’t need much more than a couple of metres, though obviously the more space you can clear the better!

If there’s more than one of you in the same household that’s training then you can either train next to eachother or – if you have another device – set yourselves up in different rooms. 

How do I sign up? 

Sign up for a Zoom account now, so you won’t run into any delays when training is about to start.

You can do this either at zoom.us or from inside the app. Create an account, click on an authorisation email you’ll be sent by Zoom and then finish the sign up process.  Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to log on to your account or into the app and get ready to join the training session.

How do I get the app?

Go to your app store and type in ‘Zoom’.and follow the instructions 

When will classes run?

The  classes will  run the same as our regular timetable. You can join your regular class or come visit another dojo. 

So in our first week of online classes we’ll be training (times to be confirmed)


Monday,        Killingworth (mixed)

Wednesday  Gateshead (Kids) Gateshead (Adults)

Thursday       Killingworth (kids class) Ashington (adults) 

Saturday        Gateshead (Kids) Gateshead (Adults)

Sunday.          Stretching and fitness (Mixed  


In addition to this you can book 1-2-1 classes to work on your own needs. Just private message me and we can arrange a time that suits you. 

When should I join the class?


We will post meeting details on our facebook group chat click on the link and you're ready to train 
Come a few minutes early and have a chat with your clubmates before training starts.  Who doesn’t have tech issues at the best of times? So make sure you allow time to log in before training is due to start, in case you need to click ‘forgotten password’, reset your Wifi or you hit another hitch.

For every class you attend it will count on your training record towards gradings and our end of year awards.