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Grading Results


Another great day as our Club attended its 2nd Grading of 2015 at Sunderland Sendai Karate Club

 with Sensei Billy Higgins 8th Dan.

We had another very  successful day with 32 students from Kaizen Karate Club passing their Gradings. 














 Instructors & Students Line up with Sensei Higgins

Results and photographs of our students after their grading.


Congratulations to the following students who Passed their Grading 


9th Kyu Orange Belt

Josh Eyre

Caroline Sexton

Olgun Besirik

Charlie Thompson 

Nag Vaggrar

Anya McCarrell


8th Kyu Red Belt

Eilyad Ghargham

Jack Murphy

Adam Murphy

Craig McCarrell

Keith McCarrell

Lea Vicaldo

Nicola Waugh

Adam Hayward


7th Kyu Yellow Belt

Scott Mitchell


6th Kyu Green Belt

Reece Sales

Chey Robson

Sue Hayes 

Grant McGregor



5th Kyu Purple Belt

Andrew Nunn

Chris Stephenson



4th Kyu Purple and White 

Jerome Castro

Jo Whiting

Anna Bulloch

Sara Morely

Callum Meikle



3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Matthew Walker

Henry Romer

Chris Cuningham



2nd Kyu Brown & white Belt 

Thomas Clay

Liam Goodfellow



1st Kyu Brown & white Belt

James Thompson


Well done to all the students from Sendai Kushiro and Kaizen Karate Club 

Next Grading....


Saturday 5th September 2015


City Space -University of Sunderland

Students Line up with Sensei Higgins


Many Congratulations to all the students from Sendai Kushiro Karate Club and Kaizen Karate Club who graded  With Sensei Higgins. An outstanding day with fantastic grading results for both clubs.  Another very  successful day with over 108students passing their Gradings.


Many thanks to Sensei John James Bruce, Sensei Holly Sterling and Sunderland Sendai Karate Club  for their invitation to the Grading


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