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Grading Results

The Club attended its 4th and final Grading of the year at Sunderland Sendai Karate Club

Sunday 8th December 2013 with Sensei  Gary Harford 7th Dan.

















Seniors line up after training with Sensei Harford
















     Juniors White - Red Belt  line up after training with Sensei Harford
















Juniors yellow belt and above  line up after training with Sensei Harford

Congratulations to the following students who Passed their Grading with Sensei Harford 


 9th Kyu   ( Orange Belt)

Henry Romer

Sara Morley


8th Kyu   ( Red Belt)

Liam Goodfellow

Thomas Clay


7th Kyu   ( Yellow Belt)

Vadym Vinokuzou

Jamie Millen

Matthew Walker 


 5th Kyu (Purple Belt) 

Grace Macauley 

Sarah Appleby 

James Thompson 


3rd Kyu (Brown Belt) 

Harry Peacock

 Lewis Keen 

Clive Allen  


Also Congratulations to Sensei Keith's Students From his Ashington Dojo 


6th Kyu   (Green Belt)

 Michael Brown


4th Kyu   (Purple/White)

Dawn Duddridge 

Davey Metcalf 

Joe Wood

David Cummings 


3rd Kyu (Brown Belt) 

Dave Robinson

Congratulations to all the students from Sendai Kushiro Karate Club and Kaizen Karate Club who graded with Sensei Harford, everyone  showed great attitude during the training course and grading. Sensei Harford gave another very enjoyable and informative session working on the fine detail in Kata and Kihon techniques.


Sensei Keith would like to thank Sensei John James Bruce, Sensei Holly Sterling and Sunderland Sendai Karate Club  for the invitation and hospitality during the day.

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