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2012 KUGB Northern Regional Championships 

Well done to everyone who competed at this years 2012 KUGB Northern Regional Championships at City Space, University of Sunderland . It was another fantastic day with an excellent standard of Shotokan Karate from every competitor. Well Done to Our local clubs Sunderland Sendai Kushiro and Ashington Karate Club for their excellent results.


Special congratulations to Matthew Gibson from Sendai Kushiro for being awarded the Randolph Williams Memorial Trophy for being the most outstanding competitor of the day.



Here are the full results of the KUGB's Northern Region Championships. 

Congratulations to everyone who competed.



Senior Male Team Kumite 

1st Halewood,

2nd Sendai Kushiro 

 Jt 3rd York

Jt 3rd Leeds


Senior Male Kumite Dan Grades

1st Ryan Tucker

2nd Jon McGorian

Jt 3rd Martin Fraser

Jt 3rd Danny O'Connor


Senior Male Kyu Grade Kumite

1st Neil Smith

2nd Kevin Ma

Jt 3rd Owain Roberts

Jt Thomas Wynn


Junior Male Kumite 16-17

1st Chris Hamilton

2nd Cameron Graham

Jt 3rd Sam Light

Jt 3rdChris Schumann


Junior Male Kumite 18-20

1st Joe Rawcliffe

2nd James McGorian

Jt 3rd Sam Humphry 

Jt 3rd Mike Pearce


Veteran Male Kumite

1st Paul Dowell

2nd Richard Backhouse

Jt 3rd Tony Spencer

Jt 3rd Mike Jones


Female Team Kumite

1st Halewood

2nd Sendai Kushiro

Jt 3rd Ashington

Jt 3rd Manchester University


Senior Ladies Kumite

1st Rhianne Blundell

2nd Vicky Mulhearn

Jt 3rd Caroline McGrath

Jt 3rd Emma Walker


Junior Ladies Kumite 16-20

1st Rebecca Rawcliffe

2nd Beth Nicholson

Jt 3rd Laura Brice

Jt 3rd Rebecca Morrison


Senior Male Kata

1st Hisham Saif

2nd Chris Hamilton

3rd Alex Hutton

4th Sam Light


Senior Ladies Kata

1st Christina Finta

2nd Hannah Johnston

3rd Beth Nicholson

4th Caroline McGrath


Adult Mixed Kata Novice - 1st Kyu

1st Thomas Wynn

2nd Jim Windram

3rd Erica Perkas Hewitt

4th Neil Smith


Children's Ippon Kumite

1st Sam Jackson

2nd Oliver Lines

Jt 3rd Tendai Cleugh

Jt 3rd Gursimeran Kandola


Adult Team Kata

1st Manchester University

2nd Sendai Kushiro

3rd Kirkby

4th Torashin


Boys Kumite 10-11

1st Matthew Gibson

2nd James McNichol

Jt 3rd Nathan Brady

Jt 3rd Luciano Zanuni


Girls Kumite 10-11

1st Cenya Russell

2nd Alice Jewitt

Jt 3rd Bronya Burnikell

Jt 3rd Eliana Rooks


Boys Kumite 12-15 under 5ft

1st Adam Gibson

2nd Jamie Allan

3rd Elliot Thornton


Boys Kumite 10-15 5ft to 5ft5

1st Connor Wilson

2nd Joshua Campbell

Jt 3rd Aidan McLain

Jt 3rd Dang Nguyen


Boys Kumite 12-15 5ft5 and over

1st Eathan Armstrong

2nd Ryan Spencer

Jt3rd Connor Jones

Jt 3rd Tom Rawcliffe


Girls Kumite 12-15 under 5ft3

1st Lucy McDonald

2nd Gemma Gibson

Jt 3rd Niamh Duddridge

Jt 3rd Sasha Hughes


Girls Kumite 10-15 over 5ft3

1st Emily Hughes

2nd Sammi King

Jt 3rd Maya Burns

Jt 3rd Cayleigh McCartney


Children's Kata Novice - 4th Kyu

1st Dan Nguyen

2nd Cenya Russell

3rd Bronya Burnikell

4th Louis Jackson


Children's Kata 3rd-1st Kyu

1stLouie Cummings

2nd Adam Doran

3rd Jonah Lee

4th Aimee Guy


Children's Kata Dan Grades

1st Matthew Gibson

2nd Dylan Gibson

3rd Kenita Hallmark

4th Alice Jewitt


Children's Team Kata

1st Sendai Kushiro

2nd Ashington

3rd Kirkby

4th Shotokan Karate Academy


Congratulations to Lewis Keen,  Killingworth Kaizen Karate Clubs first Student to attend a KUGB competition
















Matthew Gibson ,Sendai Kushiro, winner of the Randolph Williams Trophy,

 with Sensei Sherry and Randolph Williams' Mother.


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